This is the Intensive (or hard-feathered) Bronze Canary, a canary with red ground colour, intensive feathering and a full complement of melanins.

      Fully expressed, this colour is so rich, yet so deep and dark, that it almost has to be seen to be believed. You will sometimes hear this colour called black red, and indeed, the colour should be deep enough that if the bird is not in direct lighting, it can blend in with a dark background uncannily well.

      Indoors, without proper lighting, this bird can have an almost 'sparrow-like' appearance, which some consider plain and dull. But for a real treat, be sure to look at an intensive bronze canary in full lighting - you will see a rich deep glow reminiscent of nothing so much as moulten copper!

      Add such beauty to the fact that the darker canaries often prove to be hardier than lighter coloured canaries and tend to sing more freely to boot, and you have one of the best all-round canaries you can find anywhere!

Intensive Bronze Canary

Intensive Bronze Canary

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